About Us

Badin development & Research Organization (BDRO) is of non-Governmental Organization which is working for the socio economic empowerment of the rural peoples and striving the poverty alleviation through implication of different development program in the rural areas It was established in 2000 by a group of energetic youngsters representing the both sexes of Badin.

The organization registered under Social Welfare voluntary Organization Act: 1961with Directorate of Social Welfare / Community Development Department Government of Sindh. HomeThe Organization has been working, since its inception, on different sectors of social development focusing on Education, Agriculture, women development, youth problems and environment for the betterment of the poor and needy peoples of the area. Through their active participation and the help of various donors.


Social economic empowerment of the rural peoples through formation of CBOs for sustainable development initiatives in the villages.

Involve rural communities in micro enterprise for alleviating poverty in the rural areas.

Improve the living standard of the rural peoples through providing them health finicalities at door step and awareness among the women children about the health hazards.

Advocacy of the social problems and involve communities in the solution of problems

Mitigation of the flood disaster in the area

Raise literacy in the area specially girls, women, through establishment of non formal schools and adult literacy centers in the slum areas of the Cities and villages

Capacity Building of the rural communities through establishment of the Research Center

Major Programs

Education program
Health and sanitation
Youth Awareness programs
Advocacy networking
Women Development
Water & sanitation


Socio-economic empowerment of the society through involvement of community to form balanced civil society.


BDRO wants Entrust to develop the community where all human being are equal and they enjoy rights for enrichment of their life