Safer School Project

BDRO is running Safer school project with the finnacial support of focus Pakistan ,  Plan International Pakistan and joint collaboration of Education department Sindh  in 25 Schools of UC Nindo shaher Taluka & district Badin from Feberury 2014 . This is 18 months long project .

The Major objectives of the program are :

  • Create community awareness on disaster preparedness in the hazard prone priority especially among and through school children and teachers.
  • Facilitate identification of basic hazards that exist in the school buildings and surroundings and recommend possible corrective measures.
  • The School Safety Programme will be integrated with implementation of WFP’s Community Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) interventions in the selected the targeted schools.
  • Contribute towards minimization of losses of lives and properties through training and educating the teachers & students of the targeted schools.

 The  Key activities under this project are:

  1. Project Planning and Material Development:
  2. Project Coordination Meetings:
  3. Meetings with Provincial and District Education Authorities:
  4. Meetings with CSOs
  5. Meeting with Head Teachers and Parents:
  6. Baseline Assessment:
  7. Hazard and Risk Assessment of Schools:
  8. Project Inception Workshops at District Levels
  9. Orientation Sessions:
  10. Orientation sessions for Department of EducationOrientation Se
  11. ssions for School Management and Parents:
  12. Material Development and Promotional Martial:
  13. Training of Trainers for selected Teachers
  14. Capacity Building of Local CSOs:
  15. School Based Orientation Sessions:
  16. Retrofitting of Selected Schools:
  17. School based Sessions:
  18. Provision of School Safety Kits:
  19. Follow-up Sessions by TOs to Schools / Follow-up Meetings:
  20. Advocacy Sessions / Seminars:
  21. Celebration of School Safety Day
  22. Regional / Provincial Seminars:
  23. National Seminar