Running Projects

  1. One Room Shelter ORS Project
  2. Climate Leadership for Effective Adaptation and Resilience CLEAR Project
  3. Safer School Project

Past Activities

  1. Free medical   camps program
  2. Citizen’s campaign for women Representation in Local Body election 2001.
  3. Supporting Democratic Electoral Process
  4. Marie Stopes Society
  5. Work during Disaster
  6. Camp survey
  7. Distribution of food items
  8. Medical camps
  9. Farmers Support Program
  10. Distribution of Education material
  11. Water Hand Pump project
  12. Adult literacy centers
  13. Micro Enterpriser Development Program
  14. Citizen’s Campaign for Women Representation CCWR ii in Local Body election 2005

  15. PICFREL: General Election 2008
  16. Tree Plantation
  17. Salvadora percica Protection Project through awareness raising and alternative livelihood practices.
  18. Safe Dirking water through Hand Pumps
  19. PCM Trainings for CCB
  20. NFI distribution
  21. BDRO in Survey MICS Survey
  22. Information Network   Centers (for women)
  23. Blood Donation Information center (especially for women)
  24. Vocational center
  25. Resource Centre for Women Councilors
  26. BDRO Resource Centre
  27. Pollution Free Phulleli Canal Water Research Study  Project
  28. Buharki Forest Rehabilitation Project
  29. Women CNICs Registration
  30. Project towards sustainable livelihood restoration for communities in flood affected remote rural areas.
  31. One Room Shelter ORS Project
  32. Provision of clean drinking water and sanitation services.
  33. Community Restoration Project (CRP)
  34. Early Recovery project through provision of livestock
  35. AlterNet energy through provision of solar lanterns