Buharki Forest Rehabilitation Project

BDRO Badin was running a project titled BUHARKI forest Rehabilitation project with the financial support of World Wild Fund for Nature WWF under Indus for all Programm and Sindh Forest Department. This project is intended to rehabilitate the 100 acres out of 17500 acres of the devastated BOOHARKI forest providing the plentiful water and tree plantation. The project area is in the southern side of Union Council Kadhan , along with the LBOD, Taluka & District Badin, This project is directly linked to the bio-diversity conservation and land degradation and covers Conservation of species, Conservation of natural habitats, Ecological and evolutionary processes and Livelihood support for natural resource conservation,

The project has been implemented in BOOHARKI forest Union Council Kadhan, Taluka & District Badin. Its goal is to restore and develop the forest ecosystem of BOOHARKI for the benefit of the local communities. Stated project objectives include revival of the indigenous forest management system in the area, development of new forests so as to ensure enhanced range and quantity of benefits with focus on alternative benefits from forests through promotion of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs), and building up capacities of Village Organizations and Women Organizations for sustainable management of natural resources in the area. The Total Duration of this project is two years and has started form December 2008.after this successful 100 acres plantation , Forest Department Sindh has established Shaheed Banazir Bhutto SAFARi park in the forest. Through this 3000 acres will be planted and different animals will be kept in the area.