BDRO in Survey MICS Survey

This survey started on October 06, 2003.  Multiple indicator cluster survey Sindh 2003 worked for the collection information about house hold modules, house hold identification, house hold characteristics, house hold utilize, School and management committee, house hold members, education module, agriculture income worksheet, house value, remittances and Zakat with the help of UNICEF & through Govt of Sindh . House hold expenditure work sheet, health, education, Salt iodization, water and sanitation, adult mortality module, child mortality module birth and death, children under 5 yrs illness. It works in urban and rural in district Badin. . There are two teams form BDRO in this survey having 04 female and two male and one supervisor. This survey is completed on January 1, 2004.

Media Survey

Media survey started on January, 15, 2004 in the collaboration with GALLUP. Team of this survey consisted on three members. The survey areas were five Talkas of Badin district. The nature of this survey was to collect the information about articles of daily use life including the income and expenditure of their family. This survey finished on January, 19, 2004

Health & Hygiene Survey

This survey was conducted in October to November 2001 in eight district of Badin through Gallup survey of Pakistan .This survey was focused on Health & hygiene. There were 12 team members were participated in this survey.

Polio Monitoring Survey

This was one week long survey on polio monitoring through Gallup survey of Pakistan. This survey was conducted in 49 Union councils of Badin district. 10 male & female members form BDRO Badin Participated in this survey

Relief Research / Interviews

Research survey on Politics of Relief as Experienced by people of Badin after 2003 rainfall and flood Disaster from Federal flood commission through Pattan development Organization Islamabad and BDRO Badin.  Members collected the Data from communities, through PRA tools and techniques and conduct the interviews with Nazims, NGO’s representatives, line department, and monitoring / evolution regarding relief work after 2003 rainfall and flood Disaster in Badin district especially in coastal belt of Badin in July 2004.

Post Flood Survey

Red Crescent Karachi conducted a one week survey in August 2004 on post flood assessment in coastal belt of Badin especially in three Union Councils of Taluka Badin. Five members form BDRO Badin participated in this survey.

Migration Research study

Oxfam GB conducted a Research Study on migration in Coastal Belt of Badin & Thatta during 2010 . BDRO Badin provided a potential and well   Experience team to Oxfam GB. It was three month longer study . The basic Purpose of this study was to analyses the impact of poverty on migration in coastal belt of Badin and Thatta.